Monday, May 25, 2009

made a new anybody who linked me.change it okeyhhh.:d
made a new anybody who linked me.change it okeyhhh.:d

Sunday, May 24, 2009

i think im gonna make a new blog :d
soon.on tuesday maybe.can't believe abang and aida is goin to gurney tomorrow without me!their little knowla im busy!haihhh.actually i'm gonna be at school until 5.30.the usuals.archery trainin.archery is lotsa fun!i need to buy some stuff there.wtvla.i can just ask abang to drive me to gurney.hahhh.if he wants ears hurts like hurts like the first time u go to pierce ur ears.freaking hurts dude.!gotta go and buy new goin to sleep :0

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009


paranoid music video is coming out TODAY!
cant wait. 8 went to the hospital with send some stuff to my aunty.and stay there too.was so bored.othman let me play his psp and we watched youtube on his mom's i phone.he is the nicest kid ever.and then mak ella's friend came and brought us to dinner.and then when we came back my dad and mak zah is there.with lydiya too.and yes with my uncle we sat there.doin nothing.and then pak in came.with syafiq.and then not so long after that mom came with aida.and yess.that place is getting pretty crowded.hahhhh.and so after talking with othman,lydiya,syafiq and aida.we decided to go and round the hospital.then we bought water for mak ella.and then the others want we all decided to ask from everybody.and we got like 1 kg of coins.hahhh.and then came down again.and then came up again.and after chit-chating for a few minutes.we decided to go down and watch tv.i dont remember what movie we were watching cause i was sleeping on aida for a while.after that came up again.we were all sitting near the toilet.but the toilet is very clean.hahhh.after that pak in and syafiq went back.followed them to the ground floor.after that we were sitting and then mom and dad we're goin home already.then we went up since othman wants to say bye to his mom.then we came down again.and by the time we reached home was 2.30 or something.yes..i was there for 6 hours in the hospital.creepy much.hahhh

Thursday, May 21, 2009

its been a hell out of week!

anyways in pizza girl joe was holding a compound bow!!
argghhhh!!!he's actually holding something that im good at.
i was so urghhh!!